Thursday, August 9, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Fall 2018 and Patreon Announcement! (08/09/2018)

Hey! I figured I better put something out on the podcast feed since I'm sure there are a few people subscribed here but not following us on Facebook or Twitter. We got all the venues booked for this Fall's concerts! See?
We also started a Patreon page for anyone who might want to contribute to the iHearIC fund on a regular basis: This is the money that makes sure the concerts stay free but the performers all get paid, and will also help us promote the shows as much as we can! There's currently only one tier: $1 a month or more gets you early access to concert videos (non-Patrons will still have access to all our videos on youtube, just a couple days later). We're hoping more and more people will join in so we can offer bigger and better rewards as the list of patrons grows! Additional podcasts, iHearIC mixtapes, art and poetry books? The possibilities are endless...

One more last minute announcement: this Sunday's radio show at 4pm will feature guest Rose Bishop, flutist for (among many other things) new music ensemble Durward! Duroje Gwamna will make it onto the show later this year, but his current schedule forced us to postpone. I'm so glad Rose is available to join me instead! 89.7FM on your radio if you're in Iowa City, to stream anywhere else in the world.

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