Sunday, November 19, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 5 (11/19/2017)

Episode 5! Another freeform episode featuring a variety of recordings from the past two years of iHearIC concerts. This one's really heavy on dissonant, ambient, experimental-type stuff! No radio show next week (11/26) as the KRUI studios will be closed for the holiday. Have a good break and tune in to the next show on 12/3, which will feature previews of our 12/8 concert at High Ground!

Music by:
University of Iowa Trumpet Ensemble (website / facebook / music composed by Kevin McKee)
Asher Brown (website / facebook / youtube / soundcloud / spotify / instagram / twitter / bandcamp)
José Barrientos (video of performance - HIGHLY recommended! / music composed by Alexandros Spyrou)
Christine Burke Sextet (website / soundcloud)
Kent Williams (website / soundcloud / bandcamp / youtube)
Vero Rose Smith (website / facebook / bandcamp / twitter / youtube)
Jean-François Charles and Benjamin Coelho (Jean-François's website / youtube / Benjamin's website)
The High Water Mark (facebook)

Poetry by: 
Laura Felleman (blog)
Dot Armstrong

Sunday, November 12, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 4 (11/12/2017)

Episode 4! A freeform episode featuring semi-random selections of live recordings from the past two years of iHearIC concerts.

Music by:
Sasha Burdin Quintet (Sasha's facebook / group's facebook)
Christopher Gainey (website)
Carlos Cotallo Solares (soundcloud)
Merrill Miller (bandcamp)
Joe Sorensen (website / facebook / twitter / instagram / soundcloud / youtube)
Lisa Neher (website / music composed by Dale Trumbore)
Jonah Hatten (soundcloud / bandcamp)
Will Yager (soundcloud)

Poetry by: 
Kassia Lisinski

And (inaudible) dancing by: 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 3 (11/05/2017)

Episode 3! Aired late on KRUI because Justin was out of town. Mostly a recap of our November 3rd concert, featuring music by:

Sarah Burgess (her show at Uptown Bill's)
Christian and Dave Cripe (facebook - performance at Mt. Vernon Porchfest)
Erik Whittaker (his band The Demon Possessed)
Ramin Roshandel (soundcloud)
Andrew Veit (website - "Tramp" composed by Justin K Comer)
Jonah Elrod (website)
and poetry by Laura Felleman (blog)