Sunday, August 26, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 38: Live Show at The Mill This Friday! (08/26/2018)

I was riding solo today, playing tracks and talking to myself. This episode starts out with a preview of this Friday's concert at The Mill (fb event: by giving you all a taste of music by Purcha$e, Fever Love, and Treecloud. Then I get into a shuffled selection of live and studio recordings by local or ex-local artists. Listen during the weather report for a new word I invented: sunderthorm. Here's our awesome new season poster by Marina Zinsstag:

This episode features music by:
Purcha$e ( / / / /
Fever Love (
Sarah Burgess
Jonah Hatten ( /
Jonah Elrod ( / / / /
Jason Palamara ( / / /
Curt Oren ( / / / /
Starry Nights ( /

and spoken words by:
Helena García Mariño

Ramin Roshandel/Bob Bucko Jr/Binary Marketing Show/Good Morning Midnight TONIGHT at Alaska House (you can message us for address if needed):

Street Fight Radio @ Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines 9/5:

Writers, check out the Free Generative Writing Workshops Open Mic, 9/9 4pm at ICPL:

C.J. Boyd/Wombat/Father Christmas at Alaska House 9/14:

NO iHearIC Radio next Sunday. I'm sorry. We'll be back 9/9 with a recap of this Friday's concert!

Direct mp3 link:

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