Sunday, December 15, 2019

iHearIC Radio 101: December 2019 Concert Recap (12/15/2019)

We had a show at Trumpet Blossom on Friday night and I put this together at home to tell you about it and play a few clips from it!

Watch the full video of Friday night's show:

This episode features music by:
Thieves ( / / /
Anastasia Scholze
Warship (
Alyssa Gersony & Gabi Vanek ( /
Emery Clair Comer Hart Taylor ( / / / / / / / / /

I'll be taking a break from iHearIC Radio for about a month. In the meantime...
1. Come see me and rubbur play a free show at Gabe's (12/19 9PM):
2. Listen to old episodes of the show being replayed on KICI (105.3FM, Tuesday and Friday nights at 8PM.
3. Listen to my politics podcast, Rock Hard Caucus: +
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Direct mp3 link:

Monday, December 9, 2019

iHearIC Radio 100 (12/08/2019)

Back at KRUI one more time before the year ends to celebrate iHearIC Radio's ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE! For this special occasion, we spent a full 4 hours broadcasting. We prepared the audience for the final iHearIC concert of 2019 (coming up this Friday at Trumpet Blossom: and got to hang out with some of the show's closest friends. I'm grateful for the friends and experience I've gained hosting and producing 100 episodes of radio, and hope to host and produce several hundred more!

Here's a list of every guest appearance during #100:
Ashley Yotty
Jason Palamara via phone (
Carlos Cotallo Solares via phone (
Joseph Norman (
Joe Sorensen (
Stella Hart
David Clair via pre-recorded message (
Jonathan Wilson via email (
Laura Felleman (
Michele Guild (
B-Tho (

This episode also featured music by:
Anastasia Scholze
Justin K Comer ( / / / / / /
SMAC ( /
Warship (
Thieves ( / / /
d r o p b e a r ( /
JC¤čjp (

I will be exiled from KRUI for the remainder of 2019, but I do plan on uploading a concert recap to the podcast feed next weekend. After that, I plan on taking a break from the radio show for about a month. Don't worry, iHearIC will be back bigger than ever in 2020!

In addition to our show this week, here are some other upcoming events you should check out:
Aaron Warner, Deb Tiemens, Thieves @ Yacht Club (12/11 7PM):
Benefit for Rojava - The Enz, Cowpoke, Techno-Lincoln @ Trumpet Blossom (12/11 9PM):
Electronic Music Studio Concert I @ Voxman, Stark (12/14 7:30PM):
Ross Clowser Quartet @ Sanctuary (12/14 8PM):
rubbur w/ Justin K Comer @ Gabe's (12/19 9PM):

While I'm taking a break from live radio, you can catch older episodes of iHearIC Radio on KICI (105.3FM in Iowa City)! Check out their programming schedule at

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 99: INVocE (12/01/2019)

Still exiled from KRUI, but today I was joined at home by Norah, Conor, Tristan, and Anika of INVocE (Iowa New Vocal Ensemble)! You may remember them from the most recent iHearIC concert at The Mill, or from the excerpts I played on last week's radio show. We discussed the purpose and goals behind their ensemble and of course dug into their pasts a bit. Look forward to hearing more from these singers in the future!

Like INVocE on facebook:

iHearIC Radio will be celebrating its 100th episode on December 8th (NEXT WEEK!). We'll be airing on KRUI at a special time for the special occasion: 8AM-12PM. I'll have on as many guests as possible and will try to take calls in the studio as well. The phone number is (319) 335-8970 if you want to get in on the action.

Don't forget about the final iHearIC concert of 2019:
DECEMBER 13 @ TRUMPET BLOSSOM with Anastasia Scholze, Thieves, Warship, Gersony/Vanek (

By the way, iHearIC Radio is also going to be in rotation at KICI (105.3FM in Iowa City) in the near future. Check out their programming schedule at if you just can't get enough iHearIC on terrestrial radio!

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