Sunday, January 21, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 9: January Concert Recap (01/21/2018)

We are officially back from winter break! This show is a recap of Friday night's concert at The Mill. I (Justin) was sadly not able to attend the concert due to my currently massive pile of conflicting commitments, so it was a real treat to edit the video and audio for this one.

Speaking of video, here's a youtube playlist of everyone's full set:

No radio show next Sunday. I'll be performing with Jason Palamara at Butler University in an electronic music concert at 7:30pm, if you happen to be paying attention to this show from Indianapolis for whatever reason. Jason and his wife Lori are also in the process of having their fourth child as I type this! Welcome to the world, new Palamara!

Carlos and I are finishing up the details for the rest of this season of concerts. Here's the current plan:
February 23, 8PM at The High Ground Cafe
March 30, 8PM at The Java House (Downtown)
April 20, 8PM at The High Ground Cafe
May 5, time TBA, Iowa City Pedestrian Mall (more details soon...)

Next radio show will be February 4th, hopefully with a new guest!

Oh yeah, we're in iTunes and Google Play now, so subscribe there if you're into that.

This show features music by:
The High Water Mark (facebook)
Jill Abruzzio
Toro/Cotallo Solares/Charles (Carlos Toro-Tobón / Carlos Cotallo Solares / Jean-François Charles):
Non-Prophet (facebook)
Chaircrusher (Kent Williams - website / soundcloud / bandcamp / youtube)

Direct mp3 link:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 8 with Christine Burke (01/06/2018)

At the end of episode 7, I said we'd be doing a show with Christine Burke the following week. Well, that didn't happen due to changing building hours for the University's winter break. So, working around an altered schedule and my holiday-related productivity slump, Christine and I found time to meet up and record a show! We discussed a little bit about Christine's musical background, improvisation, and a little tiny bit about electronics in music. As it turns out, radio is a lot more fun when you're not recording alone, so Christine will most likely be returning to the show sometime in the next few months!

The show will be hibernating for another couple weeks now. Let's say (tentatively) we'll be back on the air January 21st. Before that, come check out our next concert on January 19th at The Mill at 8pm!

Interspersed with our discussion segments was music by:
Christine Burke (of course - website / soundcloud)
Jason Palamara (website / bandcamp / soundcloud)
Emery Clair Comer Hart (Justin K Comer / bandcamp)

Direct mp3 link:

Sunday, December 10, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 7 (12/10/2017)

Episode 7! Aired about 2 hours late on KRUI. I'm a busy guy, okay?! I can't always make it to the studio at 7! Mostly a recap of Friday's concert at High Ground Cafe, which was our last live show of 2017.

I closed the show with new tracks from friends of the show, Joe Sorensen and jason palamara. Look out for Joe's new album early next year, and check out jason's new album [bornwith 2brains] at

Next week will be back to the normal 7pm Central broadcast time for the very first iHearIC Radio interview with Christine Burke! Then a couple weeks off for the holidays.

Music by:
Joshua Johnson (of The High Water Mark)
Boy Crazy
University of Iowa Saxophone Quartet
Wombat (Justin K Comer / Carlos Cotallo Solares / Will Yager)
Joe Sorensen (website / facebook / twitter / instagram / soundcloud / youtube)
Jason Palamara (website / bandcamp / soundcloud)

Direct mp3 link:

Sunday, December 3, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 6 (12/03/2017)

Episode 6! First half of the show is a preview of our concert, this Friday (12/8) at High Ground Cafe in Iowa City. Here's the facebook event:

Second half of the show starts with the premiere of a new Jason Palamara track, "ImAWombat2" from his upcoming album [bornwith 2brains]. That album comes out this Tuesday (12/5) at

Next Sunday's show will not be at the normal 7pm time slot on KRUI. Keep an eye on our facebook page for the rescheduled time.

Music by:
Fat Stella and the Bicentennials
Will Yager (soundcloud / twitter)
Carlos Cotallo Solares (soundcloud)
Joshua Johnson (of The High Water Mark)
Jason Palamara (website / bandcamp / soundcloud)
Christopher Gainey (website)
Talons (side project of Soul Phlegm / facebook / bandcamp / youtube)
Sasha Burdin Quintet (facebook)

Poetry by:
Kassia Lisinski

Direct mp3 link:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 5 (11/19/2017)

Episode 5! Another freeform episode featuring a variety of recordings from the past two years of iHearIC concerts. This one's really heavy on dissonant, ambient, experimental-type stuff! No radio show next week (11/26) as the KRUI studios will be closed for the holiday. Have a good break and tune in to the next show on 12/3, which will feature previews of our 12/8 concert at High Ground!

Music by:
University of Iowa Trumpet Ensemble (website / facebook / music composed by Kevin McKee)
Asher Brown (website / facebook / youtube / soundcloud / spotify / instagram / twitter / bandcamp)
José Barrientos (video of performance - HIGHLY recommended! / music composed by Alexandros Spyrou)
Christine Burke Sextet (website / soundcloud)
Kent Williams (website / soundcloud / bandcamp / youtube)
Vero Rose Smith (website / facebook / bandcamp / twitter / youtube)
Jean-François Charles and Benjamin Coelho (Jean-François's website / youtube / Benjamin's website)
The High Water Mark (facebook)

Poetry by: 
Laura Felleman (blog)
Dot Armstrong

Sunday, November 12, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 4 (11/12/2017)

Episode 4! A freeform episode featuring semi-random selections of live recordings from the past two years of iHearIC concerts.

Music by:
Sasha Burdin Quintet (Sasha's facebook / group's facebook)
Christopher Gainey (website)
Carlos Cotallo Solares (soundcloud)
Merrill Miller (bandcamp)
Joe Sorensen (website / facebook / twitter / instagram / soundcloud / youtube)
Lisa Neher (website / music composed by Dale Trumbore)
Jonah Hatten (soundcloud / bandcamp)
Will Yager (soundcloud)

Poetry by: 
Kassia Lisinski

And (inaudible) dancing by: 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

iHearIC Radio - Episode 3 (11/05/2017)

Episode 3! Aired late on KRUI because Justin was out of town. Mostly a recap of our November 3rd concert, featuring music by:

Sarah Burgess (her show at Uptown Bill's)
Christian and Dave Cripe (facebook - performance at Mt. Vernon Porchfest)
Erik Whittaker (his band The Demon Possessed)
Ramin Roshandel (soundcloud)
Andrew Veit (website - "Tramp" composed by Justin K Comer)
Jonah Elrod (website)
and poetry by Laura Felleman (blog)