Sunday, August 12, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 36 with Rose Bishop (08/12/2018)

Flutist Rose Bishop joined me at the KRUI studio today to discuss her busy schedule, audition experiences, and recent work with the Durward Contemporary Music Ensemble. She played a little bit too!

Here's Rose's website, where you can listen to recordings, see her upcoming events, and register for Cornell College Flute Day:

Also check out their Lemonade Stand fundraiser this Saturday in Coralville:

The iHearIC concert series is back at the end of this month! Mark your calendars for:
8/31 - The Mill
9/21 - Java House
10/5 - High Ground
11/2 - Java House
12/1 - Trumpet Blossom
All at 8pm and all FREE! Interested performers please reach out to us now at!

Writers, check out the Free Generative Writing Workshops Open Mic, 9/9 4pm at ICPL:

Feed Me Weird Things and FilmScene present: Everything is Terrible! The Great Satan! 9/13 8pm at The Mill:

Next week's radio show (8/19 at 4pm) will feature special guest Diviin Huff! Frequent KRUI listeners may be familiar with her show, A Moment With Diviin, Thursdays at 5pm. I was on her show 2 weeks ago, and you can listen to that episode here: Listen at 89.7FM on your radio if you're in Iowa City, to stream anywhere else in the world.

Direct mp3 link:

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