Sunday, April 29, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 21: May Concert Preview (04/29/2018)

Folks, we have a concert this Saturday, May 5th at 2pm. That's the main motivating factor for this week's episode of iHearIC Radio, where we listen to recordings of poet Laura Felleman, musician Joshua Johnson, and members of the iHearIC Oliveros Ensemble. The show will be at Riverside Festival Stage in City Park, and you can check out all the details and rsvp here on facebook: This is the last concert of our Spring 2018 season, so it's your last opportunity to catch one of these before we take our Summer break. Come hang out with us at the park!

Make sure you also check out the upcoming Black Stork*/Asher Brown show on May 11th at Trumpet Blossom: (*iHearIC organizer Carlos Cotallo Solares)

And the day after that you can also enjoy the Iowa Dance Festival Concert in Coralville, featuring some music by our very own Justin K Comer:

Next week's radio show (May 6th) will feature recordings from the May 5th concert and some guests from Professor Trevor Harvey's Diversity in Music class!

This episode features music by:
Joshua Johnson (
Louis Andriessen (
David Beyer ( / /
Justin K Comer ( / / / / /
Marissa Flemming
Kenken Gorder (
Alex Spenceri ( /
Teddy Van Winkle
Will Yager ( /
Merrill Miller ( /
David Clair (
Asher Brown ( / / / / / / / /

spoken words by:
Laura Felleman (
Kassia Lisinski (

and inaudible dancing by:
Dot Armstrong

Direct mp3 link:

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