Sunday, April 15, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 19: Come to Our Concert this Friday (04/15/2018)

Usually when we have a concert, I do a preview on the preceding radio show. I don't really feel that's necessary this time as Friday's show will be Wombat with special guests. I'm pretty sure our radio listeners are already familiar with Wombat. If not, check out episodes 10 and 15 of this podcast. Otherwise, enjoy this week's selection of music from Iowa City-associated artists.

Two more iHearIC concerts for the Spring 2018 season:
April 20, 8PM at The High Ground Cafe (RSVP here:
May 5, 2PM at Riverside Festival Stage in City Park! (this place:

This episode features music by:
The High Water Mark (
Jonah Elrod (
Collidescope ( / /
Jason Palamara ( / / /
Blake Shaw ( / / / /
University of Iowa Saxophone Quartet (John Cummins, Elissa Kana, Greg Rife [], Dennis Kwok)
Jill Abruzzio
Will Yager ( /
Christine Burke ( /
Purcha$e ( / /

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