Sunday, October 27, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 94: iHearISCREAM (10/27/2019)

This episode went long because we had a lot to cover. Not only did we have a live show to recap, but it's also Halloweek! Friend of the show David Clair joined me to listen to some Trumpet Blossom excerpts and get scared learning about demons. Anti-friend of the show KRUI Studio Goblin was also there to make noise and ruin our day.

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This episode features music by:
Jake Jacobs ( / / / / / /
Joe Sorensen ( / / / / / /
Project c4 ( / /
Christine Burke Ensemble ( /
...and we ended the episode with a track from the new Wombat EP, Hand Wrought

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MFK Trio featuring Annie Kemble, with Ross Clowser @ Yacht Club (11/2 4PM):

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