Sunday, October 13, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 92 with Warship (10/13/2019)

This week, I was joined in the studio by Anastasia, who goes by the stage name Warship. She was fun to talk with and she played a few of her very nice songs for us! She will also be performing with a few other musicians at the iHearIC December show, so look forward to that.

Check out Warship on facebook:

Closing music today was by

Radio show next Sunday (10/20) at 3PM on KRUI. 89.7FM on your radio or to stream - preview of our October concert + a celebration of 2 years of iHearIC Radio with Duroje Gwamna!

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Mark your calendars for the rest of the iHearIC concert season (all free, all starting at 9PM):
OCTOBER 25 @ TRUMPET BLOSSOM: Project c4 (KCMO), Jake Jacobs, Joe Sorensen, Christine Burke Ensemble (
NOVEMBER 21 @ THE MILL: Sneezy Dollars, EDPSW, INVocE, Fever Love (

Justin's upcoming shows:
Justin K Comer w/ Thieves @ Yacht Club (10/17 9PM):
Free Weird Music 2 @ Yacht Club (10/29 8PM):

Other shows this week:
Still Shine, Twisted Roots and Rubbur @ Gabe's (10/18 9PM):

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