Sunday, November 25, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 50: Best Laid Plans (The Basement Special) (11/25/2018)

I'd been hyping this week's show for months. 3 hours broadcasting from KRUI. Loads of in-studio guests. Open phone lines. An amazing spectacle to celebrate the 50th episode of our radio show.

Then somebody mistakenly locked the studio and a foot of snow dropped on Iowa City.

Fortunately I have enough audio equipment at home to slap together a podcast recording session complete with single phone call center. Ashley helped co-host and last week's guest, Jon Wilson, braved the elements to join in the fun. Together we previewed this Saturday's concert and took calls from our friends for almost 3 hours!

Check out Jon's website and follow him on soundcloud: /

List of callers:
Christine Burke (
Purcha$e ( / / / /
David Clair (
Vero Rose Smith ( / / / /
Stella Hart and Addison Benzshawel
Will Yager ( /
Diviin Huff ("A Moment With Diviin" 5pm Thursdays on KRUI, for past episodes)
Carlos Cotallo Solares (
Jonah Elrod ( / / / /

Performance videos from November's Java House concert are now available to the public on youtube:

All of our Patreon subscribers (at $1 or more per month) get early access to full, unedited concert videos. Here's the lastest one:
Patreon subscribers also get a discount on the Vero Rose Smith-designed iHearIC t-shirts! We have plenty still available, so if you want to spend $10 on a shirt now instead of $15 at our next concert, subscribe and go to this post:

This episode features music by:
ShaKeS ( / / /
Vero Rose Smith ( / / / /
The Demon Possessed (
Will Yager ( /
Matt Nelson (
Anika Kildegaard ( /
In the Mouth of Radness ( / /
JC¤čjp ( / / / / /

Our FINAL concert of 2018 will be at Trumpet Blossom on December 1st at 8pm. Performances by Vero Rose Smith, The Demon Possessed, Shakes, Will Yager, and Anika Kildegaard. RSVP on facebook and invite your friends:

UIowa SCI Student Chapter call for scores (11/26 deadline):
Alexandro Cazares MA Jazz Recital @ Voxman (11/30 7:30pm):

Direct mp3 link:

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