Sunday, November 18, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 49 with Jonathan Wilson (11/18/2018)

We got another composer in the studio today: Jonathan Wilson! Jon completed his PhD at the University of Iowa about a year ago. In this hour, we discussed two of his compositions in detail, as well as an excerpt of a novel he's working on.

Check out Jon's website and follow him on soundcloud: /

Performance videos from November's Java House concert are now available to the public on youtube:

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Our FINAL concert of 2018 will be at Trumpet Blossom on December 1st at 8pm. Performances by Vero Rose Smith, The Demon Possessed, Shakes, Will Yager, and Anika Kildegaard. RSVP on facebook and invite your friends:

Father Christmas and others @ Gabe's (11/20 8pm):
The Fourth Foonsgiving (11/21 3pm-10pm):
Soul Sherpa @ Tailgators in CR (11/21 8pm):
Awful Purdies @ West Music Coralville (11/23 11am-2pm):
UIowa SCI Student Chapter call for scores (11/26 deadline):
Alexandro Cazares MA Jazz Recital @ Voxman (11/30 7:30pm):

Next Sunday (11/25) is our FIFTIETH EPISODE! We're going to do a long show (probably 4pm-7pm) with lots of guests and we want listeners to call in. The studio number is (319) 335-8970. Call us to plug your music, ask us questions, or just shoot the breeze.

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