Sunday, June 17, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 28 with Gabi Vanek (06/17/2018)

Gabi Vanek was on the show this week! You may remember her from the star-studded Episode 20. We talked about her experiences in academic music and metal and also a little bit about dealing with injuries as a performing bassoonist. She played a little bit too! Check out some of Gabi's stuff on vimeo and bandcamp: /

I'm going to plug impedecast again because, I don't know, Michele and I are proud of it. Listen and subscribe at all these places:
Still working on mixcloud. I'll probably put it up on stitcher now too (and iHearIC Radio, of course) since Gabi mentioned it today.

Our intro music is from the new JC¤čjp album (relics)! Stream and download it at and check out the companion museum at!

Be sure to check out the next Feed Me Weird Things concert on June 20th! Featuring (among others) local favorites Collidescope:

And on June 29th, be sure to check out Purcha$e's show at Garden Club:

If you're in or near Cedar Rapids and want some free weekly entertainment, check out the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band:

Tune in to iHearIC Radio next Sunday at 4pm on KRUI for special guests BOY CRAZY!

Direct mp3 link:

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