Sunday, June 10, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 27: A Normal Episode (06/10/2018)

Michele co-hosted again while I presented a variety of tracks by local artists. Near the end of the episode, Michele and I treated the iHearIC audience to a short clip from the recently released first episode of our new podcast called impedecast. You can find the full episode (and all future episodes) on these sites:
It will be on google play and mixcloud soon too. If you have another place you listen to podcasts and it's not there, just hit us up and we'll get it added on there too.

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This episode features music by:
Joe Sorensen ( / / / / / /
Jonathan Wilson ( /
Christopher Gainey (
The High Water Mark (
Haunter ( /
Asher Brown ( / / / / / / / /
Sarah Burgess
Blake Shaw ( / / / /
Joshua Johnson (
David Clair ( /

and spoken words by:
Dot Armstrong
Jared Krauss ( /
Laura Felleman (

Our intro music is from the new JC¤čjp album (relics)! Stream and download it at and check out the companion museum at!

Be sure to check out the next Feed Me Weird Things concert on June 20th (I said the wrong date on the show SORRY)! Featuring (among others) local favorites Collidescope:

If you're in or near Cedar Rapids and want some free weekly entertainment, check out the Cedar Rapids Municipal Band:

Direct mp3 link:

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