Thursday, December 22, 2022

Justin K Comer - improvisation for dance (10/19/2022)

 As I'm sure you're aware, the iHearIC project has been pretty sporadic and mostly inactive for a couple years. But there's still a patreon, and there are still people kicking in a little money every month, so I have to give them something in return for their support. For most of this year, I have been uploading my "improvisation for dance" series to fulfill that purpose. One of my day jobs is accompanying dance classes, and in some of those classes I'm lucky and have a lot of freedom to experiment and explore kind of out-there musical ideas. I started recording some of those experiments back in February. Since then I've uploaded 40 pieces in the series; hours and hours of music. Today, I cleared out my backlog and uploaded 7.5 hours of recordings that are scheduled for release over the next 15 days. Here is the first part of the latest batch, for free, here on the iHearIC Radio podcast feed. 

If you subscribe to the patreon for just $1/month, you can get the entire series here:

The patreon money goes towards paying artists to play shows and for promotional materials. I'm hoping to put on a few classic iHearIC shows in 2023, so your support is appreciated! 

Also, if you dig the music in the "improvisation for dance" series, you'd probably enjoy my new album with Chris Emery, SUMMER TAPE:

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