Wednesday, September 30, 2020

iHearIC Radio 110 with LIGAMENT and Jean-François Charles (9/30/2020)

The second installment of the new era of iHearIC Radio features LIGAMENT (Anika Kildegaard and Will Yager) and composer Jean-François Charles. We spend most of our time discussing their collaboration on Benedictus, a single which will be released this Friday, October 2nd. 

Patreon subscribers can watch this episode in video form here:

The poem that Jean-François adapted for this piece: 

Benedictus will be available on bandcamp ( and all streaming services, and you can listen to a teaser here: 

Anika's music video: 

Will's collaboration with Gabi Vanek: 

An early version of LIGAMENT's dontal: 

Find the rest of LIGAMENT's work at 

Find more of Jean-François's work at 

And of course find everything iHearIC at

Direct mp3 link:

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