Sunday, February 16, 2020

iHearIC Radio 106: February Concert Recap (02/16/2020)

Thursday's live show at Yacht Club was awesome, and here are some recordings from it!

This episode features music by:
Sneezy Dollars ( / /
Prodagy ( / / / / / /
Will Yager ( / / /
Weapon X ( /
and spoken words by:
Diviin Huff ( / / listen to A Moment With Diviin at

Wombat will be performing at Lunchbox Press in Phoenix, AZ as part of the Oh My Ears festival on February 21st at 9:30PM:
Wombat will be performing at Trumpet Blossom with Jean-Fran├žois Charles & Gabi Vanek on March 4th at 9PM:
The next iHearIC live show will be 3/27 at 8PM at Yacht Club, free as always, featuring Mark Rheaume, Aligned at Variance, Mechanical Ditchdigger, and Thieves:
Future iHearIC live show dates are 4/24, and 5/15
The full video of our 2/13 show is available on Patreon:
KICI is replaying older episodes of iHearIC Radio at 8PM on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tune in at 105.3FM or
Buy iHearIC t-shirts and prints (designed by Vero Rose Smith and printed at IC Press Co-op): (patreon supporters get a discount,
NO radio show next week (2/23), I'll be back on the air on 3/1.
Listen to my politics podcast, Rock Hard Caucus: +

Other Iowa City shows you should check out:
CNM Concert 3: Words & Music @ Voxman (2/16 7:30PM):
Science on Tap: The Scientific Concert @ Hancher (2/20 5:30PM):
rubbur + 6 Odd Rats @ Trumpet Blossom (2/21 8PM):
ARM, Sleepover, 3 Finger Betty, Dead Emperors @ Yacht Club (2/22 8PM):
Writers Open Mic @ ICPL (3/1 4PM):

Music for Voice and Double Bass (LIGAMENT) @ Voxman (3/1 7:30PM):

Direct mp3 link:

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