Sunday, December 15, 2019

iHearIC Radio 101: December 2019 Concert Recap (12/15/2019)

We had a show at Trumpet Blossom on Friday night and I put this together at home to tell you about it and play a few clips from it!

Watch the full video of Friday night's show:

This episode features music by:
Thieves ( / / /
Anastasia Scholze
Warship (
Alyssa Gersony & Gabi Vanek ( /
Emery Clair Comer Hart Taylor ( / / / / / / / / /

I'll be taking a break from iHearIC Radio for about a month. In the meantime...
1. Come see me and rubbur play a free show at Gabe's (12/19 9PM):
2. Listen to old episodes of the show being replayed on KICI (105.3FM, Tuesday and Friday nights at 8PM.
3. Listen to my politics podcast, Rock Hard Caucus: +
4. Buy some iHearIC t-shirts and prints, designed by Vero Rose Smith ( and printed at IC Press Co-op (

Direct mp3 link:

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