Monday, July 8, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 79: ECCHT Production Meeting #3 with David Clair and Hannah Colton (07/07/2019)

It's the conclusion of the series of ECCHT production meetings! Previous meetings were held in episodes 75 and 77. David Clair is back, of course, but our old friend Hannah Colton also joins us to bring an outsider perspective to this music we recorded. Hannah works for KUNM in Albuquerque and performs music as Spliceling. Find her on twitter at!

Most of this episode features unreleased music by Emery Clair Comer Hart Taylor. You can find previous recordings by this group and similar projects here: / / / / / / / / /

We ended today's show with a track by Commodity A. Find their music here: - also listen to Jake's radio show, The Test of Lime on Friday nights at 8 on KRUI!

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If you're looking for things to do in Iowa City this week:
Grey Area Battle of the Bands @ Gabe's (7/12 7pm):
Unincorporated/Kickstart The Sun/Lefthand Lover/Blist Her @ Yacht Club (7/12 9pm):
FMWT #25: Headboggle / Malocculsion / Purcha$e @ Trumpet Blossom (7/12 9pm):
Will Yager / Justin K Comer / Matt Blair @ Trumpet Blossom (7/13 9pm):

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