Tuesday, June 11, 2019

iHearIC Radio BONUS - KRUI [r]amp Remote Broadcast (06/09/2019)

On Sunday (June 9th), I was too busy at the [r]amp concert to broadcast an episode of iHearIC Radio. Fortunately, Shannon Mulligan (operations director and host of two shows on KRUI) visited the ramp for a remote broadcast. Big thanks to Shannon for catching most of the music and conducting a few interviews with audience members!

Look for more video and audio documentation of [r]amp in the coming weeks and months. I'll share the hell out of it on the iHearIC social media accounts.

iHearIC Radio will be back this coming Sunday (6/16) on KRUI at 2pm. David Clair will be back for part 2 of the Production Meeting. 

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