Sunday, May 19, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 74 with The Twisted Roots (05/19/2019)

Hello listeners. I had to take last week off to deal with some family stuff. Fortunately, the guests we had planned for last week were (mostly) available to reschedule for today! You've heard Josh Johnson, Emily and Kevin Halbrooks before, on iHearIC Radio #31, back when they were part of The High Water Mark. These days they perform as The Twisted Roots with Tad Goldner, who was on his way to Germany for his honeymoon while we recorded this. These three are fun to talk to and they perform great together!

Check out The Twisted Roots on facebook and soundcloud:

Tune in to the radio show next week (5/26 at 3pm on KRUI) to welcome back longtime friend David Clair. We'll be talking about some of the music we've been slowly working on for the past year and a half and we're really excited!

Videos from our May 4th concert at Uptown Bill's are now available to the public:

Get hyped for [r]amp, a concert in the Tower Place & Parking ramp! Presented by iHearIC, the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art, Feed Me Weird Things, and Public Space One! Featuring local artists performing in the middle of a parking ramp! June 9th from 1pm to 4pm! RSVP and share with your friends on facebook:

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Some other Iowa City events you may want to be aware of:
Dryad, Dentist, Piss Exorcist, and more @ Wild Culture (5/22 6:30pm):
Good Morning Midnight, Peanut Ricky, Douglas Kramer Nye @ Trumpet Blossom (5/22 8pm):
Scott Johnson Band @ Yacht Club (5/23 9pm):
Vanek/Miller, Father Christmas, Andrew Weathers, Golconda @ Trumpet Blossom (5/25 8pm):
Thrio @ Sanctuary Pub (5/31 8pm):
Writers Open Mic @ ICPL (6/2 4pm):
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