Sunday, March 17, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 66: Trumpet Blossom Clips (03/17/2019)

We had a concert on Friday and now it's Sunday and it's time to recap. Listen to clips from the concert and tell your friends to tune in if they missed the live performances. A video of the whole concert is available on our Patreon for $1+ subscribers:

Michele Guild joined me in the studio for this episode. Find her work at To listen to more of us speaking to each other, visit

2 more iHearIC concerts this season:
4/12 8pm @ Java House
5/4 7pm @ Uptown Bill's

This episode features music by:
Ramin Roshandel ( / /
Justin K Comer ( / / / / / /

If you want to support our concert series, please consider contributing to our patreon and/or ordering a t-shirt or print designed by Vero Rose Smith ( here:
All patrons get a discount code on all purchases:

If you're looking for something to do in Iowa City in the next couple weeks:
Equine, Haunter, Gabi Vanek @ Trumpet Blossom (3/22 9pm):
Collidescope, Purcha$e, B-Tho, Shakes @ Blue Moose (3/23 8pm):
Harper & Lee / Asher Brown / See Double You @ Trumpet Blossom (3/23 9pm):
Zuul, The Ultrasounds, Busey, The Spider Magnets @ Trumpet Blossom (3/29 8pm):
FireSale Reunion Show @ Bleyart’s in Davenport (3/30 6pm):
(invite Justin on facebook or email so we know about your shows!)

Direct mp3 link:

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