Sunday, February 10, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 61 with Laura Felleman (02/10/2019)

Today's guest was poet Laura Felleman! She has read her work several times at iHearIC concerts, so we were overdue to have her on the radio show. We talked a bit about her background and why she writes poetry (and when, and how... we may have touched on all of the Five Ws).

Check out all of Laura's iHearIC appearances here:
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I ended today's show with music by The Shoe Wearers. Check 'em out on bandcamp:

We'll be back on KRUI ( at 4pm next Sunday (2/17) with a preview of this month's concert (read on for details...).

This month's iHearIC concert will be at Java House on 2/22, featuring performances by Alexandro Cazares & Sean Miller, Dodge Street Duo, Tyler Katz, and Jennifer MacBain-Stephens! RSVP and invite your friends:

The January concert videos (Maul of America, Treecloud, The Twisted Roots, Wombat) are here:

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More events to attend in Iowa City:
PHDJ, Purchase, Tailgating for a Funeral @ Yacht Club (2/15 8pm):
Soul Sherpa Valentine's Day Dance @ Tailgators in Cedar Rapids (2/15 9pm):
Anthony Worden & The Illiterati, Panther Ray, Cult of Lip, and Stay Asleep @ Gabe's (2/23 7pm):
(invite Justin on facebook or email so we know about your shows!)

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