Sunday, January 6, 2019

iHearIC Radio - Episode 56: 2018 Roundup Part 2 (01/06/2019)

Surprise! We got back into the KRUI studio for our first radio show of 2019! Chris Emery (from two episodes ago) joined me as we revisited the rest of 2018's live iHearIC concerts. Listen to last week's radio show for the earlier 2018 concert recordings.

Chris has contributed to a lot of the music on my bandcamp, so you can find a lot of his creative output there:

Videos from last month's iHearIC concert at Trumpet Blossom are now available to the public:

The remaining Vero Rose Smith-designed iHearIC t-shirts AND prints are now available to order online via bandcamp:! Subscribe to our patreon for as little as $1/month to get a discount code on all purchases:

Next Sunday's show will be broadcast live at 4pm on KRUI ( and will feature Alex Schulte of the Cedar Rapids band Running in Place!

This episode features music by:
Argus Trio ( /
Justin K Comer ( / / / / / /
Anastasia Scholze (
Deb Tiemens ( / /
ShaKeS ( / / /
Vero Rose Smith ( / / / /
The Demon Possessed ( /
Anika Kildegaard ( /
Will Yager ( /
Katherine Balch (

and spoken words by:
Laura Felleman (
Mark Rheaume (
Gabby Ursula Chelette
Diviin Huff ("A Moment With Diviin" 5pm Thursdays on KRUI, for past episodes)

Just a few more weeks before our next concert: January 25th at The Mill. More details soon! In the meantime, check out these events going on this month:
In the Mouth of Radness, Pulsing, and Good Habits (1/13 8pm @ Gabe's):
Public Space One Art Auction and 16th Birthday Celebration (1/26 6pm):

Direct mp3 link:

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