Sunday, May 20, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 24: chaircrusher (05/20/2018)

Last week I teased a guest appearance from Kent Williams (aka chaircrusher). Unfortunately he had to go out of town and couldn't join me in the studio, BUT he was kind enough to record some brand new music and an interview with his friend and collaborator Derek Piotr. In his place, Michele Guild returned to co-host with me in her third appearance on the show. We closed out today's show by brainstorming ideas for our upcoming project, the impedecast.

Find all of Kent's stuff here: / /

and Derek's stuff is here: / / / / /

Michele is on twitter and you should check out her weekly podcast We Are Rhonda too: / / / / /

I opened and closed today's show with tracks from the new JC¤čjp album (relics)! Stream and download it at and check out the companion museum at!

Direct mp3 link:

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