Saturday, January 6, 2018

iHearIC Radio - Episode 8 with Christine Burke (01/06/2018)

At the end of episode 7, I said we'd be doing a show with Christine Burke the following week. Well, that didn't happen due to changing building hours for the University's winter break. So, working around an altered schedule and my holiday-related productivity slump, Christine and I found time to meet up and record a show! We discussed a little bit about Christine's musical background, improvisation, and a little tiny bit about electronics in music. As it turns out, radio is a lot more fun when you're not recording alone, so Christine will most likely be returning to the show sometime in the next few months!

The show will be hibernating for another couple weeks now. Let's say (tentatively) we'll be back on the air January 21st. Before that, come check out our next concert on January 19th at The Mill at 8pm!

Interspersed with our discussion segments was music by:
Christine Burke (of course - website / soundcloud)
Jason Palamara (website / bandcamp / soundcloud)
Emery Clair Comer Hart (Justin K Comer / bandcamp)

Direct mp3 link:

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