Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Fervent Stridulation

What sound zings loudest throughout the animal kingdom? Why, the sound of the water boatman's penis, of course.

While doing music with bug sounds hasn't experienced a heyday, it's been done really well by some people. Look & listen to Lee Patterson and Mira Calix (thanks Chris) for some exemplary insect songs. Musicians, do take note, because this beetle's penis is just BEGGING to be sampled. I'll leave this for any curiosity-seekers.

The day's real news story is a passing of the baton. IHIC proudly announces the arrival of Zach Zubow as curator, captain, MC, and cheerleader. He's a fantastic guy; he's talented, funny, & famous in the ever-so-cutthroat new music sphere.

From afar I'll keep my lazy eye on the local Goings On, but Zach will be the new voice of this blog. As an accomplished giver-of-papers-and-presentations his sentences will surely flow better than those of the established model. 

Zach is firming up the season's details with venues and performers, but I can say that the shows will continue to be monthly, of negligible cost to the audience, and of maximum radness for all involved. 

As bookend to this post and a springboard into my remaining typed responsibilities, check out the blog of another famous Iowa City resident. Craig and I will soon be doing an interview on the subjects of IHearIC, the Generals and Specifics of music, and maybe even Michele Bachmann. Look for it here, on his blog, and on the Little Village mag site.