Friday, December 17, 2010


Thanks to all who came to the last concert. Thanks to the performers for bringing it. Thanks to the Englert for hosting, and thanks to Craig for filming these beauties: 

Christine Augspurger playing David Lang's "Anvil Chorus"

Aphorisms I by Andrew Paul Jackson, performed by Andy H-D and Angela Lickiss

I now must hibernate, but look for more pics, vids, and info about the upcoming shows after the New Year. In the meantime, get to know this
and this.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fame Train

We've now garnered media attention! Read all about it here.

This line, "...while someone plays a wooden board filled with mystery objects, such as a wrench", goes out the wrench-wielders of Lwa*. 

*N.B.: this is a Facebook page. It may require signing away some of your Rights of Privacy if you haven't already done so.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

IHearIC 12.15 Flyer

The Beat

The next IHearIC will be the last of 2010. You can catch it at the Englert Theatre 
on Wednesday, the 15th of December. Show starts at 9PM. 

The Theme for the night will be "The Beat" but will be excluding anything like this:

Kerouac by Palumbo
but may have a little bit of this:

This concert zooms in on Rhythm and calls attention to its importance across genres. It's about many musicks marching to the same (The) Beat.

The line up is:

Chris Reichmeier - music for maracas and tape

Ex-Action Model - music for a synthesizer heart, from drum machine loops, with love

Angela Lickiss & Andy Hanson-Dvoracek - Aphorism I for English Horn & Guitar by Andrew Paul Jackson, a Boston-based composer who is by all accounts a good guy who happens to write good music.

Idris Goodwin - saying words over drums n' bass provided by
Cassius Goens & Karl M.C. respectively

Christine Augspurger - playing Anvil Chorus by the Pulitzer prize winning University of Iowa Alum David Lang. It's Solo percussion music for many pieces of metal.
Like this:

Come and see this. It will be the best hour of your finals week.