Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Body is a Wonderman

Alex Body has signed on last minute for next Monday's (25th of October) IHearIC show.
Check this stuff out:

Each act will complement the other better so than in the past, and the whole show will fit nicely under the Electronic Music umbrella. This feels like it is going to be a Thing and/or The Thing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Recently I've been waylaid by a number of things that are even more distracting than the usual distractions.

First of course is the Chilean miners. I won't even bother linking to anything because their story is everywhere the TV or Internet is.

Second is this article about the Insane Clown Posse. They are an easy target, but Jon Ronson doesn't go straight for the juggulo. He doesn't really have to.
This article, the video to their recent single, "Miracles", and the SNL parody have sent me down a wormhole that I don't want to be in. It's days later and I'm still without words.

Third is Blankets. There's nothing like a coming-of-age graphic novel to shift one's priorities. I recommend it if you're needing an excuse to avoid something.

Tomorrow's show at the W/L Wherehouse should be a priority for everyone. At it, you can hear AIDS Wolf through a warm, golden, and pants-shittingly loud PA system. For now you can hear them through your computer speakers:

Now less than two weeks away is the October IHearIC show at the Englert Theatre.
I'll direct you to our man Lawton Hall for a synopsis of what he & Meg gonna do and for a look at some of his stuff. The scores to Dry & Exalted Noise are beautiful, and with them Lawton is turning the sandblock into the next Electric Guitar.

Dry & Exalted Noise Sample Video #1 from Lawton Hall on Vimeo.

Grab a free copy of the latest Little Village magazine and turn to the back to see a picture of Rosalee Motor Revival from the last show. Or see it through the Interweb.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Certainly Not Least

Rosalee Motor Revival's set was watertight. A group's level of preparation is apparent as soon as they step onstage, and RMR looked like they'd been doing this on the road for years. They had this ebullient energy that felt both genuine and totally orchestrated. It was thrilling. This here is one of my favorites:

They are playing Wednesday October 6th at The Mill with Breathe Owl Breathe.
I will be there.

Here too is a set from the last IHearIC. It all comes from the Sacred Harp songbook.

Check out what's going on when they get to "bowels", as in "and in the bowels of Thy love/O Lord remember me". The little skip in the melody stretches "bowels" into a two syllable word and, with the slight shift in harmony, twangs me. This kind of text wrenching happens all over the place in Sacred Harp hymns; it's like a direct thumb-biting to the Proper ways of setting music to text. It's just another one of the curiosities that draws me to this music.

If you want more, they'll be singing as part of the Works in Progress project at the IC Senior Center between 7-930PM on October 14th.

A performance is on tonight at the Warehouse--or Wherehouse--with Alex Body, Lwa, Cocoon and more. It starts after 9PM.

It's a lot of goings on this week.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Post-show Rundown pt. 2

Here are some highlights from the last IHearIC. 

First, "Mittens" by Almost Circle: 

Due to a recording malfunction we lost the first half of his act and the entire preceding one. Luckily this little gem got caught on tape.

I particularly loved Zach Zubow's Answers from Nature, a song cycle set to text by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written for and performed by Clara Osowski and Casey Rafn.

The music is tonal, ableit of the extended variety--in that it avoids loyalty to one pitch for long enough to label it a tonic--but doesn't leave the singer sounding, or for that matter the audience feeling unmoored. The voice gets these beautiful long lines that drape over and soften the piano's often thorny accompaniment. A lot of it sounds like it could have been part of Ned Rorem's Evidence of Things Not Seen, which is a truly incredible work that everyone should spend a cold Sunday afternoon with.

The October show is shaping up to be a good one. It's gonna be hella hi-tech with some cyborg violin & computer interaction and a piece done live from Appleton WI via Skype. I was worried that a show featuring a lot of electronic gizmos would end up being heavy on spectacular feats of technological prowess and light on good music making, but the woodshed bits of pieces I've heard so far prove me wrong.

October 25th @ the Englert. Be there.