Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post-show Rundown pt.1

It's week since the first IHearIC show of the season. Due to out-of-town travel and a bitching Fall flu I've been slow to post the Post-Show Rundown. And to be honest, I'm not even going to do that now. The audio files recorded that night are only now on the computer and will be edited (slightly) and uploaded later this week. 

In short: it was a good show, I liked it.

For now I'll direct your attention to Trio X
They are playing tonight for free at the UCC, aka, the Old Capitol Mall at 7PM.
It's gonna be experimental, avant-garde, and Downtown--so if you spend time in those sections of the record store, be at this show.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Important Events

Get out your Google calendar, because there's some Important Events coming up (or recently passed).

Moving in reverse:

Steve Reich's Pulitzer prize-winning Double Sextet and equally badass 2x5 dropped last week. Whether it got The Prize as an acknowledgment of his life's work or not, it's badass music played beautifully by eight blackbird and Bang on a Can
Go and buy this!

and moving forward:

Alex Ross's new book, Listen to This comes out September 28th 2010.
Buy this, too!

And tomorrow, Monday September 20th, is the first IHearIC show of the season. Some important details about it have been made fuzzy, so I'll try to make it right here.
The show begins at 9PM.
Admission will cost $5. This is a laughably low price to see six groups play in the beautiful intimacy of the Englert Theatre, but for some reason people wanna get they music for free. Don't let that $$ price turn you away! It's good to pay money for music.
The shows have been free in the past and I'm hustling to get them to be free again, but for now, it's 5 bones. Do know them dollars will be going (a lot of it) to the musicians you're watching, and (a little bit of it) to the theatre what has so generously offered to house this show. If I'm harping about this it's only because I heard some grumbling and realized that I too would grumble about something previously free becoming not. Why buy a cow when you used to get the milk for free?..?

You need to see the show tomorrow night. With all different types of songs dangling in the sexiest environment, IHearIC + the Englert = the most exciting show in town. And then immediately after, it's a show at the Warehouse feat. Wet Hair, Grass Widow & Golden Dust, which will be--for the time slot--the most exciting show in town. Look out, Monday night!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things to come

Though she doesn't know it yet, our friend Meg at Snowblinds is about to be lobbied to do this:

Assuming that she has the time...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pacing and the Horizon

It's good things on the horizon. The first IHearIC show of the 2010-11 season will open Monday night, September 20th @ 8PM. The show is taking place as part of the Englert Theatre's Intimate series.

Let's look at Rosalee Motor Revival.

He's got that Sense of Melody. His are catchy and singable without producing déja vu. And he's got the voice, too. He hits the notes and, when needed, holds them or makes them soft/loud and otherwise draws the listener in to the story he's spinning.

work in progress... by Rosalee Motor Revival

Notice the weird harmonic change at 0:37 and how effectively it paints the sudden "heavy and hard" thoughts that descend upon the narrator. The music walks hand in hand with the scenes being sung, simultaneously suggesting and reacting to the text. More impressive is how long the tension is held before releasing into a chorus that-like the narrator-firmly and finally arrives, proclaiming and promising.

Songwriters take note: this is pacing. It's imperative and (so slippery as to be) impossible to control.