Thursday, April 7, 2011

Concentrated Focus

I'm writing this from deep within an academic hidey-hole surrounded only by charts of string harmonics, Ligeti scores, and empty cans of Monster Energy Drink.

Digging myself out now and shall resurface next week with news of the most exciting IHearIC lineup to hit the stage. It's gonna be fantastic.

I've been trying different ways of getting into that zone where one's concentration sharpens into a laser beam, exactly pinpointing & incinerating Distraction surrounding the Thought-Nugget. The quickest route is through Adderall, but a quick search through YouTube with the magic words, "Brain Concentration Music" will reveal this gem:

I gave up denigrating New Age music in 2006 when I noticed that iTunes/Amazon/eMusic classify ca. 9 hours of my library that way. 

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