Friday, March 18, 2011

A Tuesday High in Calories

In trying to toss together a theme that encompassed a tremendously disparate lineup and the final day before Lent I took inspiration from this Olson twins meme:

For those of you who were not in attendance, last week's show fell on Shrove/Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras. It was also a make-up date for several performers that got snowed out of the February show.

The roster was weirder than usual: two solo string performances, some laptop, a Cro Magnon synth, a folk singer, and a thrash jazz band. But the show started to make sense when I thought of it in terms of pizza.
Like the Olson twins' whip cream-chicken tongue-hot dog pizza, the audience received an extra large ConcertPizza topped with beauty, pain, icicles, and thrashing inaudible saxophone.

Olivia Rose Muzzy was the first ingredient: OliviaRoseMuzzy-David Anderson by ihearic

Chaircrusher brought some pain and amazement: (hint: dial down your volume button a smidge)
Chaircrushed by ihearic

To put image to this audio check out some beautiful pics snapped by Adrianne Behning at Little Village

Upcoming shows not directly related to IHearIC but very worthy of consideration are:
-Tomorrow Saturday March 19th, Englert Theatre 9PM FREE! Read more about it here. I'll be experimenting in it!
-ALL of the Mission Creek shows.

Stay tuned for news on the next IHearIC set to be released by Sunday with an arguably witty title.

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