Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Studio Mixer (with subtitles)

The subordinate title for the upcoming show didn't make it into the promo materials for political reasons. Management felt it overbearing to follow the requisite supertitle, "Mission Creek & IHearIC present:" with a title and a subtitle, so while I agree with them, I came up with it and believe it worth at least a smile/eye-roll; it shall be aired here.

Anyone who receives the OUP catalog of forthcoming music books, or who is into this Fiona Apple album
will agree that, when it comes to titles, more is more. 

The Full Uncut name of this show, occurring on Friday April 1st from 6-9PM at Studio 13, is:
Mission Creek & IHearIC present: A Studio Mixer: 13 Ways of Standing on a Dancefloor

What will be happening is short sets, IHearIC style, with as varied of a lineup as ever. 
Jeff Ray, a San Francisco-based musician and the originator of the original Mission Creek festival--the Iowa City one is a spinoff, not less or fewer in badassery, but the Frasier to SF's Cheers-- will be performing music with acoustic guitar and a computer along with sundry electronic things. 

A Quartet of Double Basses will perform what is essentially a prolonged crescendo that erupts into a shimmering mobile of glassy harmonics. It's Canon by James Tenney. 

There'll be an appearance by the elusive Wind Farm, evading genre classification as well as those seeking representative media on the Internet: 

There will be music by a string quartet, Zodiac, and Dana Telsrow, all making their debut on the IHearIC platform.
Chris Reichmaier and Stephaie Patterson, both leathery IHearIC veterns and also life-partners will perform music for solo percussion and a burly piece for bassoon and electronics, respectively. 

There will be a raffle and door prize(s), and the whole (s)he-bang will closed out with the infamous Studio 13 Drag Show. 

Details are: 
Friday April 1st, 6-9PM 
Studio 13 

Lastly, I'm excited to say that IHearIC has been awarded an Iowa Arts Council grant. Thanks to those of you who helped make it happen. 

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