Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last year's songs

Climbing back into the saddle, a little heavier on the horse than before the Holidayz, but back nevertheless. 

Here's some songs from December's show: 
IHearIC 12.15.2010 by ihearic
This song by the Gams, a new side project by Alexis Stevens and Craig Eley, charmed everyone at the show. The lousy recording does them no justice and renders nearly inaudible the subtly beautiful "cutting in & out" effect that happens to the voice at the ends of the opening lines.

While listening to those lines, hear and love the way Alexis smears the word,"crumbles". If you miss it, catch it on the "nothing" of the next line. It's clawing and defiant and the perfect delivery of those lines. It's their first hit single.

Idris Goodwin did the title piece from his new book These are the Breaks which is already getting nods from some Big Dogs. He's accompanied here by Karl McComas-Reichl and Cassius Goens III on bass & drums, respectively.

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