Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laptop Dance

Today I successfully did a Handyman thing to my house that featured tools and Plumbing and Electricity. Filled with a mixture of pride at my accomplishment and fearful reverence at the manifold complexities that make a house work, I opened Cheryl Mendelson's Home Comforts : The Art and Science of Keeping House to learn more about maintaining harmony in the kitchen. Fifteen minutes with this book will shrivel any feeling of self-worth and leave one keenly aware that they have been living in some Petri dish germwad at the bottom of a dumpster behind TacoBell, and that the only hope for redemption is to scrub, disinfect, and rinse with scalding water their entire life. Every. Day.

I'm taking a drink after all of that, and for you an aperitif before the February 1st show @ the Englert Theatre: 

Mark Rushton will be performing

Chaircrusher will be there, too. Give attention to "Amber Waves" for a good head-bob, or check out the weirder early years with "ginger" all the way at the bottom. It's like the minutes before sleep when images surface and sink as your brain unpacks the day, when suddenly things get weird and your 2nd grade teacher is there with a cannon and you have no idea who let a chicken into the house...

The sea of ambience will be parted with a violin piece by the devilishly handsome and freshly married Daniel Houglum. New Music monster Emily Rolka will be premiering it.

Rounding out the evening will be IHIC mainstay Chris Reichmeier, exploring the beauty found within a struck brakedrum. Percussionists and composers of percussion music take note at 0:28 of this video. A brake drum, as Chris shall demonstrate February 1st, has tremendously more Beauty when removed from the automobile.

February 1st, Englert Theatre, 9PM, $5. If you comment here with an informational youTube video, I'll send a password that permits discounted access to the show, and a household cleaning tip.

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