Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Recently I've been waylaid by a number of things that are even more distracting than the usual distractions.

First of course is the Chilean miners. I won't even bother linking to anything because their story is everywhere the TV or Internet is.

Second is this article about the Insane Clown Posse. They are an easy target, but Jon Ronson doesn't go straight for the juggulo. He doesn't really have to.
This article, the video to their recent single, "Miracles", and the SNL parody have sent me down a wormhole that I don't want to be in. It's days later and I'm still without words.

Third is Blankets. There's nothing like a coming-of-age graphic novel to shift one's priorities. I recommend it if you're needing an excuse to avoid something.

Tomorrow's show at the W/L Wherehouse should be a priority for everyone. At it, you can hear AIDS Wolf through a warm, golden, and pants-shittingly loud PA system. For now you can hear them through your computer speakers:

Now less than two weeks away is the October IHearIC show at the Englert Theatre.
I'll direct you to our man Lawton Hall for a synopsis of what he & Meg gonna do and for a look at some of his stuff. The scores to Dry & Exalted Noise are beautiful, and with them Lawton is turning the sandblock into the next Electric Guitar.

Dry & Exalted Noise Sample Video #1 from Lawton Hall on Vimeo.

Grab a free copy of the latest Little Village magazine and turn to the back to see a picture of Rosalee Motor Revival from the last show. Or see it through the Interweb.

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