Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Certainly Not Least

Rosalee Motor Revival's set was watertight. A group's level of preparation is apparent as soon as they step onstage, and RMR looked like they'd been doing this on the road for years. They had this ebullient energy that felt both genuine and totally orchestrated. It was thrilling. This here is one of my favorites:

They are playing Wednesday October 6th at The Mill with Breathe Owl Breathe.
I will be there.

Here too is a set from the last IHearIC. It all comes from the Sacred Harp songbook.

Check out what's going on when they get to "bowels", as in "and in the bowels of Thy love/O Lord remember me". The little skip in the melody stretches "bowels" into a two syllable word and, with the slight shift in harmony, twangs me. This kind of text wrenching happens all over the place in Sacred Harp hymns; it's like a direct thumb-biting to the Proper ways of setting music to text. It's just another one of the curiosities that draws me to this music.

If you want more, they'll be singing as part of the Works in Progress project at the IC Senior Center between 7-930PM on October 14th.

A performance is on tonight at the Warehouse--or Wherehouse--with Alex Body, Lwa, Cocoon and more. It starts after 9PM.

It's a lot of goings on this week.

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